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Organizing Committee


Prof. Nikos Pleros

Prof. Liam O'Faolain

Prof. Amalia Miliou

Local Committee

Mrs. Stella Markou
+30 2310 998776


3rd September Str.
University Campus

Download Area

OISS Brochure


18:00 - 20:00 Registrations

 1st DAY (Monday)

Session: Optical Interconnect Systems and Applications

08.00-08.30          Registrations

08.30-09.00          WELCOME (N. Pleros and L. O'Faolain)

09.00-10.00          "Tb/s Optical Interconnects in DataCenters", V. Sorianello (CNIT)             

10.00-11.00          Optical Switching Architectures for DataCenters, D. Apostolopoulos (ICCS/NTUA)

11.00-11.15          Coffee Break

11.15-12.15          The Rise of Photonic Integrated Circuits in a Data Centric Society, R. Pitwon (Seagate) 

12.15-13.15          Disaggregated Data Center Technologies and Architectures, K. Vyrsokinos (AUTH)

13.15-14.30          Lunch Break

14.30-15.30          Optical Interconnects for Multi-socket compute nodes, G.T. Kanellos (UoBristol)

15.30-16.30          Silicon Photonics for Neuromorphic Computing, P. Bienstman, IMEC       

16.30-17.00          Coffee Break

17.00-18.00          Optical PCBs with polymer waveguides, N. Bamiedakis (UoCambridge)

     21.00                 Get Together Drink at a BAR by the Sea

 2nd DAY (Tuesday)

Session: The Industrial Perspective

09.00-09.30          What we need from optics for Disaggregated DCs? D. Syrivelis (IBM Dublin)

09.30-10.00          Novel Technologies for 800Gb/s short-reach optical interconnects, D. Kalavrouziotis (MELLANOX)

10.00-10.30          Optical Packet Switches for DataCenters, S. Ibrahim (NTT)

10.30-11.00          Programmable photonics for smart city applications, D. Simeonidou (BristolIsOpen)

11.00-11.15          Coffee Break

11.15-11.45         Challenges in the Design and Modeling of Optical Interconnects for Inter- and Intra-Datacenter
                              Applications, S. Dris (VPIphotonics)

11.45-12.15          Silicon Photonics for Interconnects and Neuromorphic Computing, R. Dangels (IBM Zurich)

12.15-12.45          CMOS mass manufacture of photonics, C. Baudot (STMicroelectronics)

12.45-14.00          Lunch Break

14.00-14.30          The CORNERSTONE Silicon Photonics Foundry Service, C. Littlejohns (UoSouthampton)

14.30-15.00          Silicon Nitride photonics, M. Geiselmann (LigenTec)

15.00-15.30          DFB Lasers for Datacommunications, S. Heck (Compound Semiconductors Global)

15.30-16.00          Discrete mode lasers, J. Somers (Eblana)

16.00-16.30          Coffee Break

16.30-17.00          Singlemode electro-optical PCBs as platform for photonic packaging, T. Lamprecht (VarioOptics)

17.00-17.30          Optical PCBs, M. Immonen (TTM Technologies)

17.30-18.00         Optical Interconnects European Ecosystem: from PhoxTrot project to PhoxLab facility, T. Tekin
                              (Fraunhofer IZM)

18.00-18.30          High throughput assembly of Photonic devices, G. Vollrath (Aifotec)       

3rd DAY (Wednesday)

Session: Silicon Photonic PICs

09.00-10.00         Silicon Photonics for Optical Interconnects, P. de Heyn (IMEC)   

10.00-11.00        Silicon Photonic MEMS for Large Scale Optical Switches, N. Quack (EPFL)               

11.00-11.15         Coffee Break

11.15-12.15         Silicon Photonic Crystals, Liam O'Faolain (Tyndall)             

12.15-13.15         Nano- and Micro-structure in silicon photonics for sensing, interconnects and computing applications,
                              R. Chen (UoTexas)

13.15-14.30         Lunch Break

14.30-15.30         InP-on-Si photonic crystal nanostructures, F. Raineri (CNRS)       

15.30-16.30         Controlling Silicon Photonics via CLIPPs, A. Melloni (Politecnico di Milano)     

16.30-17.15         PIC design, tips, tricks & open source, R. Broeke (BrightPhotonics)                  

17.15-19.15         POSTER SESSION

 4th DAY (Thursady)

SOCIAL EVENT: Tour in Vergina

 5th DAY (Friday)

Session: III-V/Silicon Integration and Lasers

09.00-10.00        The physics of small lasers for low-power optical interconnects, A. Fiore (TuE)   

10.00-11.00        1550 nm QD lasers and amplifiers, G. Eisenstein (Technion)  

11.00-11.15         Coffee Break

11.15-12.15         Silicon Photonics and Hybrid integration of III-V materials, S. Olivier (CEA-LETI)  

12.15-13.15         Silicon Modulator Design, F. Gardes (UoSouthampton) 

13.15-14.30         Lunch Break

14.30-15.30         Silicon Germanium QD laser, M. Brehm (JKU Austria)     

15.30-16.30        Micro-transfer Printing - µTP: The new printing press for heterogeneous integration,
                              J. O'Callaghan (Tyndall)           

16.30-17.30         Packaging for PICs, M. Karppinen (VTT)